Code Security, Revamped

Panoptica’s renewed Code Security feature enables you to integrate your repositories and scan them for security issues earlier in the development pipeline. In addition to detecting Infrastructure as Code (IaC) misconfigurations, we’ve added enhanced secret detection as well as SAST capabilities to test your source code for vulnerabilities. Panoptica assigns severity levels to the findings in order to present them in an aggregated view.

Beyond the code, Panoptica can also assess the security posture of your source code management (SCM) services – such as GitHub and GitLab – scanning them for misconfigurations and risks. These findings are also assigned severity levels and presented on the CI/CD Posture screen, where you can manage and prioritize them. Panoptica also provides details about the findings, as well as guided remediation steps, enabling you to mitigate the security posture risks to your development pipeline.

Check out the Code Security and CI/CD Posture documentation for more info.