New Dashboard Experience

We are happy to introduce a new overview dashboard for Panoptica. The landing page of the Panoptica console now provides greater visibility into system metrics, platform efficiency, and potential threats to your organization. It’s also easier to navigate to the various CNAPP modules via the dashboard widgets, to explore areas of interest to your team members.

Usability Enhancements – July 2024

Updates to the Panoptica platform bring usability enhancements and under-the-hood improvements.

Permission Usage Analysis for AWS

When is a “deny policy” the wrong move? Or, in other words, when should a “deny” be denied?

Microsoft Entra ID Analyzer Added for Azure

Panoptica now analyzes your Microsoft Entra ID data in Azure, just like it already does for AWS, GCP, and OCI. Collecting the Entra ID principals (formerly Active Directory) in your Azure account enables Panoptica to analyze the effective permissions – on both the subscription level and the management group level – and identify risks involving overly permissive access.

Cloud Account Onboarding Documentation Revamped

The detailed procedures for onboarding your cloud accounts are now even more detailed. By breaking down the process, combining pages, and adding more screenshots, we’ve made it easier to follow the step-by-step instructions to connect your cloud resources to Panoptica.

New CLI Commands for the K8s Controller

The onboarding experience of Panoptica’s Kubernetes controller has been enhanced with new CLI commands for managing the deployment and integration. See Kubernetes Onboarding using CLI for details.

Cisco Multicloud Defense now integrates with Panoptica

Cisco Multicloud Defense protects all your cloud environments using a single software-as-a-service (SaaS) control plane to provide a cloud native approach to multicloud network security. As part of the Cisco Cloud Protection Suite, Cisco Multicloud Defense and Panoptica are designed to help protect your applications, simplify your multicloud operation, and scale on your terms.

Azure DevOps Added to the List of Supported SCMs

Source code management systems (SCMs) are the foundation for all your applications and a natural integration point for developers and security to “shift left” to be more proactive in mitigating risks. Today, Panoptica announces the expansion of its supported SCMs to include Azure DevOps.

API Security CLI Job Results in the Console UI

When you download Panoptica's API Security CLI to "shift left" your API security, you can detect risks earlier in the CI/CD pipeline. To date, these findings were primarily visible only to the developers and platform engineers submitting these analysis jobs, such as OpenAPI spec analysis, 3rd party API scoring jobs, or API fuzz testing jobs.

Jira Integration Now Supports Multiple Projects

Cloud native applications are typically developed by multiple teams, often using multiple Jira projects. Panoptica’s comprehensive view of your entire security posture naturally would span multiple application teams and Jira projects.