Enhanced Asset Inventory in Panoptica

We've upgraded Panoptica's Inventory to enrich the view of your assets with module-specific information, enhancing your ability to manage and analyze your digital resources.

Enhanced VM Security with Weak Password Detection

We are pleased to announce an enhancement to our virtual machine scanning service: Weak Password Detection adds a layer of security to safeguard your environment against unauthorized access.

New Trace Source for API Security: AWS VPC Traffic Mirroring

Panoptica enhances its API Security capabilities with the addition of AWS VPC Traffic Mirroring as a new source for API trace analysis.

Unlock the Power of Discovery Graph

Panoptica’s Discovery Graph enhances the CNAPP experience with our advanced, cross-platform search capability, and seamlessly integrates security data across your cloud assets. This tool is not just a new feature; it’s a game-changer designed to support a myriad of applications, including proactive threat detection, compliance monitoring, security optimization, and asset management.

Unified Kubernetes Controller for KSPM, API Security, and Realtime CDR

In our latest release, we're thrilled to elevate your experience with the Unified Kubernetes Controller. While you've come to rely on our robust suite of features for managing and securing Kubernetes environments, we've now made them even better with a focus on usability and manageability.

Data Security Posture Management

Data is at the heart of everything your organization does, so keeping it safe − especially your sensitive data − is critical to maintaining your security posture.

New API Security Attack Path

The power of our graph-based attack path analysis lies in the ability to provide rich context across multiple security domains within Panoptica. Today, we extend the graph models to include API Security findings.

Realtime CDR Preview Now Available

Realtime Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) goes beyond traditional platform protection by bringing your security into the here and now. Integrating Panoptica's CDR data collector into your Kubernetes environment provides K8s runtime protection based on Falco.

Code Security, Revamped

Panoptica’s renewed Code Security feature enables you to integrate your repositories and scan them for security issues earlier in the development pipeline. In addition to detecting Infrastructure as Code (IaC) misconfigurations, we’ve added enhanced secret detection as well as SAST capabilities to test your source code for vulnerabilities. Panoptica assigns severity levels to the findings in order to present them in an aggregated view.

API Security Configurable Authorization Token Extraction

By default, Panoptica's API Security capabilities monitor authentication and authorization behaviors by tracking security credentials (e.g. BasicAuth and JWT) stored in the standard "Authorization" request header. However, there are other valid locations for authorization tokens, such as cookies or custom request headers.