Unlock the Power of Discovery Graph

Panoptica’s Discovery Graph enhances the CNAPP experience with our advanced, cross-platform search capability, and seamlessly integrates security data across your cloud assets. This tool is not just a new feature; it’s a game-changer designed to support a myriad of applications, including proactive threat detection, compliance monitoring, security optimization, and asset management.

With the Discovery Graph, you can:

  • Prevent & Monitor: Tailor queries for Access and Permission Management, Data Protection Compliance, Vulnerability Assessment, and more.
  • Detect: Identify potential zero-day exploits and craft custom attack paths swiftly and effectively.
  • Investigate Incidents: Use graph queries to pinpoint affected assets, quickly gaining immediate context.

Experience the future of cloud security visualization and control with Discovery Graph. Contact your Panoptica Customer Success team today for early access, and begin transforming your security posture with the power of innovative visualization.

Known Limitations:

  • Delayed responses for complex queries, with an approximate wait time of ~10 seconds.
  • For asset fields with significant scaled values, performance issues may impact the user experience.
  • Certain platform insights are not yet searchable, such as CDR and Code and Build data.
  • The Properties UI is static and does not adapt according to the selected scope.

We invite you to share any feature requests or proposals with your Cisco Customer Success team.