Usability Enhancements – April 2024

Updates to the Panoptica platform bring usability enhancements and under-the-hood improvements.

Pods in the Cloud Inventory: The Cloud Inventory page now displays SBOMs and Vulnerabilities on the Pod level, providing a better indication of the health of your pods.

Less Permissions Required for Lambda Scanning: Keeping to the principle of least privilege, we have removed unneeded permissions configured during AWS onboarding for vulnerability scanning in Lambda functions.

Solution Modules added to Risk Filter: The addition of Modules to the Security Posture filters means you can now search for cloud risks according to the Panoptica risk engines where they were identified.

More Columns in Attack Path List View: Splitting the “Status” and “Related Assets” columns provides you with a better understanding of “unique attack path”, which is made up of the attack path name and the main asset type.