Cisco Multicloud Defense now integrates with Panoptica

Cisco Multicloud Defense protects all your cloud environments using a single software-as-a-service (SaaS) control plane to provide a cloud native approach to multicloud network security. As part of the Cisco Cloud Protection Suite, Cisco Multicloud Defense and Panoptica are designed to help protect your applications, simplify your multicloud operation, and scale on your terms.

At Cisco Live US, Panoptica announces new integrations with Cisco Multicloud Defense to help realize those goals.

Panoptica's integration with Cisco Multicloud Defense enables you to gain visibility into your virtual gateways in Panoptica’s Asset Inventory, Security Graph, and Attack Path Analysis. Displaying this information in Panoptica provides a better understand of where your resources are deployed, and which workloads are being protected.

See Panoptica's documentation on MCD Integration for details on how to configure the integration, and where to see its benefit in Panoptica.