Unified Kubernetes Controller for KSPM, API Security, and Realtime CDR

In our latest release, we're thrilled to elevate your experience with the Unified Kubernetes Controller. While you've come to rely on our robust suite of features for managing and securing Kubernetes environments, we've now made them even better with a focus on usability and manageability.

Enhanced User Experience

  • Intuitive UI: We've revamped our user interface to be more intuitive, designed for simplicity and ease of use when configuring and managing your clusters.
  • Flexible CLI: The command-line interface has been added for flexibility, allowing for advanced automation and easier integration into your existing workflows.
  • Streamlined Management: Our Kubernetes controller can now be deployed and maintained effortlessly with a single, customizable Helm chart.

Controller Key Features

  • Kubernetes Security Posture Management (KSPM): Continue to enjoy comprehensive risk scanning across your Kubernetes clusters to ensure compliance and security best practices.
  • Realtime Cloud Detect and Response (CDR): Stay on top of security events with our continuous monitoring capabilities that alert you to threats as they happen.
  • API Security: Automatically collect and analyze live API traffic, effortlessly build API catalogs, and uncover security risks.

Please visit our comprehensive Kubernetes Controller documentation for detailed instructions.