New CLI Commands for the K8s Controller

The onboarding experience of Panoptica’s Kubernetes controller has been enhanced with new CLI commands for managing the deployment and integration. See Kubernetes Onboarding using CLI for details.

Environment Compatibility – Run a test of your K8s environment with verify-prerequisites to make sure it fits the list of prerequisites in Kubernetes Controller Onboarding.

Troubleshooting – If you encounter any issues deploying the Panoptica K8s controller, use the customizable diagnostic command to gather relevant information from your cluster into a tarball.

Helm values – Retrieve the values for a specific release of the Panoptica integration with the helm-values command. This can be useful in a GitOps process, such as Argo CD, where the values may be managed separately.

Argo CD – Speaking of GitOps, Panoptica Kubernetes controller can now be deployed using Argo CD to automate application deployment and lifecycle management. See Kubernetes Onboarding using Argo CD for details.

Helm Chart Releases: Two new releases to the Kubernetes onboarding helm charts provide added capabilities. View the latest release at Advanced Kubernetes Integration, as well as all previous releases.