GitLab Group Projects

When you add a repository on Panoptica's CI/CD Security page, you have a couple of options.

Selecting GitLab enables you to onboard new group projects. To complete this, you first retrieve some details (Namespace and Access Token) from your GitLab environment. Then you feed those details into Panoptica's console.

GitLab steps

Panoptica steps

In the Panoptica console, navigate to the CI/CD Security tab under Build and Applications, and click Add Repository.

You will be presented with the choice of adding repositories from GitHub or GitLab.

Select GitLab, and enter the Namespace and Group Access Token that you retrieved from your GitLab environment above.

Click Create to start the onboarding.

New/Deleted group projects

Panoptica will automatically add new projects and/or remove deleted projects on a periodic basis.