Webex Integration

The Webex integration enables Panoptica users to receive scan updates and security alerts via Webex spaces. Alerts can be filtered to control their volume by configuring their severity level.

To configure alerts and notifications via Webex, follow the steps below.

Create a Webex space

  1. Log into Webex and create a new space for the Panoptica notifications
  2. Search for the Panoptica bot and add it to the space. If you don't find Panoptica, it may be using the alias SecureCN.
  3. Click the Space Information gear cog icon at the top of the Messages window, and select Copy space link to retrieve the URI.

Configure Integration

To configure the Webex integration in Panoptica:

  1. Select Settings in the navigation pane, then Alerts and Notifications.
  2. Choose Webex to open the Webex dialog box.
  1. Paste the space link that you retrieved from your Webex space above.
  2. Click Test connection to confirm the details are correct. Switch to Webex to see a confirmation message there as well.
  3. Click Save


Create Alerts

To define the alerts Panoptica will send, click +Create Alert on the Alerts & Notifications screen. See Create Alert for detailed instructions.