Welcome to Panoptica

Cisco’s cloud native application security solution

Panoptica provides contextualized security controls to identify, prioritize, and remediate risks and misconfigurations in complex multi-cloud environments.

The unified solution makes every stage of cloud native security simple. Panoptica’s “single pane of glass” approach to solving challenges in cloud native security eliminates the complexity resulting from tool sprawl.

By sharing deep insights from across siloed service environments and workloads, Panoptica provides comprehensive coverage and meaningful remediation insights through its Attack Path Analysis capability, an approach that exposes exploitable paths that attackers could use to breach your application.

With fast time-to-activation through an easy set-up flow, organizations of all sizes can utilize Panoptica to protect their cloud native applications and their entire cloud services stack.

Key Values

Panoptica brings you three key values (click to expand):

Coverage of all cloud platforms, Kubernetes clusters, and API resources in your environment
  • Panoptica provides extended security coverage across multiple cloud services and cloud native workloads ⏤ microservices within Kubernetes containers, APIs, serverless functions, virtual machines (VMs), and IaC repositories.

  • Scan and monitor all assets across your entire cloud services stack to ensure it aligns with compliance requirements.

  • Continuously view and monitor Kubernetes clusters, VM configurations, and serverless functions for security risks across workloads.

  • Dive deep into all API connections—including segmented viewing of internal and external APIs.

  • Scan infrastructure-as-code (IaC) templates and scripts for potential security risks and misconfigurations before deploying them to production.

Prioritization of the most critical risks and vulnerabilities
  • After surfacing a plethora of security findings from your cloud stack, Panoptica solves the problem of risk prioritization with its proprietary attack path analysis engine that quickly and accurately discovers exploitable attack vectors in your cloud stack.

  • Panoptica’s attack path analysis is unique in the industry. Using techniques such as comprehensive attack path analysis, root cause analysis, and dynamic remediation, it uncovers new and known risks by looking through the lens of a potential attacker and stores all findings in a graph database.

  • This approach eliminates the need to spend precious time building queries to understand what is relevant in the attack path analysis, reducing time to value to a couple of weeks compared to alternative approaches that take several months. The graphical format easily visualizes contextual relationships between threats, potential attack paths, and levels of severity.

Remediation with context and pipeline integration
  • Using its attack path analysis engine, Panoptica surfaces a comprehensive view of the attack landscape comprised of thousands of security risk findings across various assets.

  • Then with its out-of-the-box remediation guidance provided in multiple frameworks, it reduces the caseload of these security findings to a handful of remediation actions enabling SecOps teams faster time to remediation.

  • Remediate the attack through manually patching, CLI steps through the AWS command or make the remediation action process-based by integrating it into your workflows with a Jira ticket to apply it to the infrastructure’s code environment to secure the problem.

The Five Key Technology Pillars of Panoptica

The Five Key Technology Pillars of Panoptica

To learn more about how Panoptica can help secure your cloud-based resources, we invite you to explore the blogs and white papers on the Panoptica website.

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