ServiceNow Integration


Panoptica's ServiceNow integration enables Panoptica users to create and track ServiceNow tickets directly from Panoptica (for attack path, security findings, and vulnerabilities).


Important Notes and Preparation

  1. Make sure you have a default ServiceNow assignee for the tickets.
  2. Create a ServiceNow API user and Application Registry to be used for the Panoptica integration. Follow the instructions here to generate a Application Registry:

Integration Steps

The ServiceNow integration is configured from Panoptica's Settings page (Settings > Integrations > ServiceNow). The ServiceNow tickets are created directly from Panoptica as seen above. The ServiceNow default assignee will be assigned to the newly created tickets.

  1. In the Instance Name field, fill in your ServiceNow instance name.
  2. In the User Name and Password fill in the API user name and password.
  3. In the Client ID and Client Secret fill in the Application Registry details.
  4. In the Issue Type field, select the ServiceNow ticket type.
  5. In the Assignee Email Address field, fill in the default ticket assignee.

Integration Test

You may click the Test ServiceNow Connection button to test the connection with ServiceNow


Clicking the button will create a test ticket