Use Cases for Asset Management

A snapshot of our favorite use cases for Asset Management features with step-by-step instructions and why we built them.

Use CaseHow-to-useWhy we built it
Quickly assess cloud services with risk score breakdown1. The assets are grouped by Services by default
2. The “Score Breakdown” shows the number of assets in Critical, Bad, Moderate, Good risk
We built Panoptica’s Asset Management to provide full visibility into assets across cloud providers. Grouping by service makes it easy identify the services at the most risk.
Mark assets as favorite and access them easily1. Scroll down to the list of Assets
2. Select Star next to the Asset name
3. Click “Add to Favorites”
4. To access “Favorites” click on the star next to the search bar
Mark the most important assets as favorites, allows for an easy access. This features helps reduce time spent searching for the assets you work a lot with.
Filter assets by risk score1. Go to “Filter by Risk Score” and adjust the drop bar from 0 to 100
2. Click Search
3. Review the Assets at Selected Risk Score range
Explore assets based on their risk score. Additional filters can be applied to narrow down the search and review assets efficiently.
Accelerate Incident Response Investigations for Attack Paths1. Go "Group" by and select "Severity"
2. Select "Service" to investigate ex. EC2 instance
3. Click on the "service name"
4. Select "Attack Path"
5. "Investigate" or "Remediate"
6. Download "Terraform" or use manual steps
Investigate and remediate most critical attack paths within minutes. To avoid generating thousands security findings, we built a tool that uses context to prioritize the attack paths to reduce the noise and secure the cloud in the most time and effort efficient manner.
Tune the risk calculation and set assets as sensitive1. Select a "Service" of choice
2. Select "Action"
3. Select "Sensitive"
Mark assets of critical importance to the business and make sure they are secure. The features tunes in the risk calculation for the asset set as sensitive.
Build an Executive Reviews with High level Metrics1. Go "Overview"
2. "Reports"
Communicate the summary of different aspects of cloud environment security to the teams and executives.