JIRA Integration

Panoptica's Jira integration enables you to create Jira tickets directly from various Panoptica modules, such as Attack Path Analysis, Vulnerability Management, Security Posture, and Root Cause Analysis.

You can configure multiple Jira projects in Panoptica's settings. When creating a ticket, you have the option of opening it in any of the Jira projects that have been integrated.


Prerequisites and Preparation

  1. Define a default assignee with permission to create tickets in every Jira project you plan to integrate with Panoptica. Due to personal data considerations, Jira does not allow pulling the list of Jira users. Any tickets created via Panoptica will be assigned to the default project assignee.
  2. Create an API token for your Atlassian account to be used for the integration.
    See Manage API tokens for your Atlassian account for details.

Integration Steps

The Jira integration is configured via the Settings tab in Panoptica's console UI.

  1. Click Settings in Panoptica's main navigation pane, then select Integrations.
  1. Under Workspaces, click Atlassian Jira to open the configuration screen:
  1. In the Email Address field, enter the email address of the default assignee for your Jira tickets (or an Admin user). Note that the default assignee must have Create Jira Ticket permissions in every project you'll be integrating with Panoptica.

  2. Create an API token for your Jira project, as described in Manage API tokens for your Atlassian account. Enter the token in the API token field.

  3. In the Account URL field, fill in the domain of your Jira projects.

  4. Click Load Projects to retrieve the list of projects in your Atlassian domain. A new Projects field will appear, from which you can select the projects and issue types.

    1. Click the Projects field to open a list of all the projects in your Jira domain.
    2. Select the project you wish to integrate, and a list of issue types available for that project will appear: Bug, Story, Task, etc.
    3. Select the default issue type, and the project will be added to the Projects field.
    4. Repeat this process for every project you wish to add to Panoptica.
    5. The first project selected will be the default Favorite. You can set another project as Favorite by clicking the star to Set project as default
  5. Once you're done configuring projects, click Test Connection to create a test ticket in the default (Favorite) project. Check your Jira account to make sure the ticket was created successfully.

  6. Don't forget to click Save.


If you would like to suspend the Jira integration, without deleting the configuration, browse back into the Atlassian Jira configuration screen and click the Enable radio button to disable the integration.

Panoptica will still maintain links to any existing tickets if the integration is disabled, but you will not be able to create new tickets from Panoptica modules. To resume the integration, simply return to the Atlassian Jira screen and Enable it.



Panoptica can only integrate with Jira projects containing default required (mandatory) fields, such as Project, Summary, and Description.
Custom required fields are not supported at this time.